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UPDATE – March 6, 2009 7:16 p.m.

Spinach Stuffed Sole with Lemon Chive Sauce


The meal turned out very nice. I should have made another side as the flounder was small and only made broccoli to go alongside it. Mental note for next time. The sauce had a very nice flavor. Extremely tasty, but not over powering. I must say it is a very pretty dish, it looks very fancy. I opted to put a few chopped chives on top of the dish to spruce it up, it adds a nice color, slight crunch and is tasty. Heads up… “chives” are probably called green onions in your grocery store. Find them in the produce aisle along with thyme, cilantro, etc. 


Nick’s thoughts on the meal:

Very tasty. Nice blend on the palate. Was left wanting more. Enjoyed the combination of the fish with spinach and almonds. The sauce was a nice compliment to the fish. 

As you know, I used flounder instead of sole since it was on sale. Flounder is a nice light fish. It had a really fishy smell when I opened the package but once cooked, it was perfect. 


Keep me posted if you decided to make this meal yourself and let me know how it turns out. Check back for more of Katie’s Kitchen and see what I’m cooking for dinner next week.



Welcome to Katie’s Kitchen! This is where you will find out what I’m making for dinner. I’ve received so much feedback through Facebook & Twitter about what I’m cooking, so I’ve created this forum as a way to let everyone know what I’m making and the end result. Every time I cook the blog title will be “Katie’s Kitchen”. After I’ve made each meal you will need to check back on the same post to see what the update is on the final product. Was it easy to make? Was it tasty? I’ll let you know.


Today I am going to make Spinach Stuffed Sole with a Lemon Chive Sauce, accompanied by steamed broccoli. I just got back from the grocery store and picked up flounder instead of sole, as it was a little less expensive. You must use fresh fish when cooking seafood. I will be eating seafood for the next few Friday’s leading up to Easter so you will get at least one seafood dish a week until then. Below please find a link for the recipe I am using from the Better Homes & Garden cookbook. 


Check back later tonight for an update on the meal!


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  1. Sounds Good!! I’m going to be checking Katie’s Kitchen very often to find new things to make!! (Yay! This doesn’t have cheese!!) LOL!

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