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  • The Secret on Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte No One Wants You to Know #PSL

      I’ve got a secret…. Do you love Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte (PSL) as much as I do? Are you literally counting down the days until they go LIVE in stores? I have it on my calendar I kid you not.  I’ve been so excited for next week for the unveiling. To me a PSL […]

  • Have Pasta Anytime, Anywhere! – Pasta Chips

    Growing up I barely ever ate pasta. My mom made spaghetti once every other month. Needless to say I married an Italian and was quickly introduced to pasta (the proper way) along with cheese, meats and bread. Boy was I missing out. I learned how to make my mother in law’s gravy, plus I’ve learned […]

  • Take Your Sandwich to the Next Level with Empire Mayo

    Mayo… we all use it… we all love it. Now what if I told you that there is flavored mayo. And by flavored I mean bring your sandwich to another level, flavored. Recently I had the opportunity to check out Empire Mayo’s products. First off they are super cool peeps (I could tell by my […]

  • Toffee To Go is Scrumptious! (Plus a Coupon Code)

    I love Toffee! My whole family does. So I was dying to try Toffee To Go products out as soon as I heard about them. When I spoke with Lisa the owner I asked if I HAD to share with my hubby. She thought I should if he deserved it and he really is the […]

  • DIY At Home Caramel Spa

    Looking for a way to relax after a long summer day? MODERATION NATION Good Life Gurus HowDoesShe are sharing the inside scoop on how to use caramel to get that summer glow from head to toe without setting foot in a spa. Follow these simple tips and beauty treatments, inspired by the new HERSHEY’S SIMPLE PLEASURES Chocolates with Creamy Caramel, to look and […]