Save Money at the Grocery Store

Oprah was great today and showed viewers how to feed families for less money. In this economy we need to save wherever we can. Eating out, ordering take out and not using leftovers will not help your wallet. Oprah had 3 top chef’s on helping 3 different families. Below is a link to Oprah’s site on today’s episode. The show solidified a lot of the things that I have been doing lately. 


I’ve been cooking more since I have not been working. Partly because I have the time, also because it really helps us financially. Not to mention it tastes far better than any restaurant.


Some of my tricks that help us save money and move faster in the grocery store are:

1. Plan Ahead

I plan my menu for 1-2 weeks in advance. Today I selected what I will be making the next 2 weeks. I will be going to the store Friday night as it always seems to be less crowded then. Then I wrote down all my ingredients that I will be needing for my upcoming meals (checking the cabinets for items I may already have). Tomorrow I will type out my menu by aisles so that its easier for me to maneuver through the grocery store.

2. Don’t Stray from the List

I really try my best to keep to the list that I have made. I don’t need anything except for what’s on it anyway. Right?

3. Look at your grocer’s website for special deals, coupons, etc. 


It has been my experience that as long as you plan ahead, have a list and don’t stray, you will save money each week. It is far cheaper to cook for yourself than it is to eat out every day. Plus, the leftovers are always better. We never used to eat leftovers, but we do now in order to save. 


The process is a bit time consuming I’ll admit. Friday plan your meals, make your list, find some coupons and head out to the store. You’ll be surprised the money you will start saving. Being an organized, smart shopper will save you at least $100. I have bought 2 weeks worth of groceries for about $100. Not bad huh?


Try it for a week and let me know how it goes. Don’t forget to read the link below on Oprah’s show today.

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  1. I try to save money but I always end up spending like $200 because I buy two of everything, so I can freeze a lot of stuff and go grocery shopping less often. LOL!

    • Plan your menu, make a list and stick to it. Use as many coupons you can. I bought 2 weeks of food (full on meals) for less than $150. I’ve never spent $200 and in fact continue to spend less each time. Sticking to your list prevents your from purchasing items you really don’t need, or purchase overload.

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