Whish it all away



Talk about taking the spa into your own shower!  The line of  Whish products really transformed my mundane shower into a special experience.  The products are amazing and I totally love them!

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The set I have are the vanilla spice body wash, sugar scrub, and body butter.  Using the three of these together left me with the smoothest skin I’ve ever had!


As if moisturizing in the shower with the body wash and sugar scrub wasn’t enough to make my skin velvety, the body butter after the shower was the icing on the cake.  I felt a touchably smooth difference from my normal routine of body wash and Vaseline lotion after the shower.  No one should miss out on this line!


Whish combines organic and natural ingredients to leave users with the softest skin.  The company has a whole line of products for protecting and enhancing your precious skin including the shave crave, body butter, self tanner, ingrown hair serum, and pre-shave serum.


image (4)The Whish products came into existence when Jesse Werner borrowed her husband’s shaving cream and felt it was the best shave of her life.  The only “whish” she had was that she didn’t smell like a man after the shower.  After much testing and trials, BOOM! Whish was born.


For more information  on Whish visit http://www.whishbody.com/.







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