Want to Smell Like a Strawberry Milkshake? – Oil of Olay Strawberry Mint

Rome_Fresh_GroupShot_1079x1079As soon as I heard about the new Oil of Olay body washes I had to run out and try and find them. I especially wanted to try the Strawberry & Mint. We are big fans of Oil of Olay and love how it moisturizes our skin and never leaves us feeling filmy.


The Strawberry & Mint was Ahhhhmazing! It smelled like a strawberry milkshake. Like an expensive strawberry milkshake. I am in love with this new scent. I still need to try the other new fragrances. I’m dying to try the Mango & Champagne. I mean who doesn’t want Champagne first thing in the morning?

A few of my magazine’s had a coupon for the new body washes in it so if you subscribe to any fashion magazines keep your eyes open for it. Trust me you want to try it out. Plus keep an eye to see if it goes on sale somewhere and then piggy back coupons. I always find P&G coupons online and in the newspaper.

Check them out HERE!

If you try out one of the new scents from Oil of Olay tell me about it. J




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