When a Snow Day Was Just a Snow Day #BombCyclone

When a Snow Day Was Just a Snow Day #BombCyclone

Remember the days of yore when a snow day was exactly that… a snow day?

Ahhh yes. The days of yore. Before we had laptops and cell phones. Where a snow day was exactly that a snow day. A day without work. A bonus day off from work. You couldn’t work from home because there were no laptops or cell phones. You spent your day waiting to find out if school/work was cancelled, shoveling, chatting with your neighbors, enjoying a fire while sipping hot cocoa (possibly spiked with Peppermint Schnapps) or wine, shovel some more while slightly tipsy. Making snow angels, having snowball fights, sledding at a local hotspot.

Now everyone brings their devices home the night before a big snowpocalypse. And they work. And us work at home folks… we never get that snow day luxury because we already work from home, right? Although I can’t complain. Working from home is truly the best. But now those that don’t have work, have to not only work, but also still shovel and deal with the snowy mess, although beautiful.

And what about tv? LOL All the morning shows that I have on in the background aren’t on and its news 24/7. The snow here, the snow there, a random crazy person, more snow. We know… there’s snow. A LOT of snow.

And is it me… or is it hard to focus or accomplish anything on a snow day? Like extra hard, right? Cause I keep running to the window to see the snow accumulation, I need a snack, more coffee. I need to catch up on all the Hallmark Christmas movies I have on DVR that I never got through. Today should be the day for that, right? Clean the closet, my office?!? Sounds like a great idea but highly unlikely.

I guess I’ll just stay super comfy and bundled up in my I Love Snow days shirt, comfy jogger pants and socks. I’ll try not to put too much pressure on myself to get much done cause I mean we all would rather just look out our windows at the beauty of it all because we all know that tomorrow it will be a brown, dirty, muddy and ugly mess.

What are your favorite snow day memories? How are you spending today’s #BombCyclone? Share below!

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