Relaxing at the Red Door Spas

The moment I entered the Red Door Spas on 54th Street in New York City I was greeted with friendly faces and great customer service. I walked in and was ushered to the 9th floor where I would be receiving their Signature Massage with Kimberly. I was shown the changing area, got ready and then headed over to the relaxation lounge.

The relaxation lounge was beautiful! Sometimes it’s the little things. There were magazine racks on both sides of the relaxation room and they had the same magazines on both racks and all the newest March issues. It may not seem that important to you, but it’s the little things for me that get noticed.

Kimberly my masseuse came to greet me with a warm smile and handshake. She really has a nurturing calm about her and I knew right away she would take me away to a blissful place during my hour with her.

Within the first 5 minutes of my massage with her I said “you are so fluid”. I’ve never had such a fluid massage. I was so relaxed. I even caught myself starting to doze off, which never happens.  Kimberly was absolutely amazing. I can’t wait for my next visit.

After my massage with Kimberly I headed back to the relaxation room to drink some water then changed. I did happen to make a pit stop in the bathroom and it was beautiful. But more importantly smelled INCREDIBLE! I headed to the front desk on the 9th floor and asked about the reed diffusers in the bathroom. I needed one! I smelled every single candle and reed diffuser but ended up purchasing the same one that was in the bathroom of which I admired, the ILLUME Pineapple Cilantro Aromatic Diffuser.

After I made my purchase, the front desk staff informed me I could head down to the 8th floor for my complimentary makeup refresher.  They told me that no matter what service you get done you are automatically eligible for a complimentary makeup refresher. Amazing! Especially since I was just face down on a massage table, I could use a refresher.

I headed to the 8th floor where I met Monique the makeup maven. Monique was terrific! She punched up my lip color, applied some plum shades to my lids. One would never have known I just came out of a massage. I looked great. I often use plum shades on my lids to bring out the green in my eyes and loved the Elizabeth Arden Smoky Eyes Powder Pencil in Black Violet so much that I purchased that as well.

I was in love with Monique the makeup maven’s hair so much and asked her who did it. She told me Zahir is her go to guy for hair and made the introduction to me. Zahir suggested if I want to keep the length to keep longer layers but that I would look great with a few inches cut off with some shorter layers and side swept bangs.

The second I walked in to the Red Door Spa I felt like a VIP with the full royal treatment. I can’t wait for my next visit!

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*I received my Signature Massage gratis from Red Door Spa in exchange for a blog review. My thoughts are my own.

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