How I Love Clean & Clear Products!


I’ve been using the Clean & Clear Blackhead Eraser Scrub for years.


But recently I had the opportunity to try their body wash BOOST w/ Mango & Papaya. Clean & Clear never ceases to amaze me. Every product I try is simply better than the next. This body wash was super moisturizing and is the perfect scent for summer. I always go to mango or orange in the summer. Plus it’s always nice and invigorating for a morning shower. Gets your senses going and wakes you up. I only had to use a drop of the body wash on my loofah to get the most amazing lather ever. Seriously… best lather EVER! I don’t know why I’m surprised; I’ve been using the face scrub since forever and love it.



If you haven’t tried Clean & Clear…. You are seriously missing out. They truly have the best products. I’ve been using them since I was in high school and am cough cough in my 30s now and still use them. I think they need a new older face for Clean & Clear don’t you? Hint hint.



See fewer blackheads in just two days! CLEAN & CLEAR® BLACKHEAD ERASER™Scrub has unique exfoliating multi-action beads that work to gently remove the trapped dirt, oil, and dead skin that can clog pores and lead to breakouts. Three sizes of multi-action beads allow surface exfoliation and a deep down clean. Salicylic Acid, an acne fighting medicine, clears blackheads and helps prevent new ones from forming.


The scoop on CLEAN & CLEAR® BOOST w/ Mango & Papaya

Get Clean! Get energized! Get Going! New CLEAN & CLEAR® MORNING BURST®body wash is designed to help stimulate your senses and energize you all over. MORNING BURST® is the only body wash infused with BURSTING BEADS® that are suspended with exotic fruit extracts. Feel the BOOST of mango & papaya fill your shower as the bubbly formula leaves your skin clean and refreshed.


Disclaimer – I was not required to write this post. I’ve just been a huge fan for years. The thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own.


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