All’s gud in the world – Product Review


I’ve been a fan of Burt’s Bee’s for a number of years. I mean who isn’t. So when I heard the Burt’s Bee’s came out with a new line called gud I had to check them out. The folks at gud were kind enough to gift me with a few products from their new line to test out.


When I received the product I was overjoyed with how cute it came. The packaging was adorable. Presentation is so important!


Included in my product kit was the Floral Cherrynova Body Mist, Orange Petalooza Body Lotion and the Vanilla Flame Body Wash.


The Floral Cherrynova is exactly what you would expect flowery with hints of cherry and almond milk. It’s a very light fresh fragrance and lasts all day.


The Vanilla Flame Body Wash was super moisturizing and gave a great lather. I love a body wash with a great lather. Maybe its me but I always feel like the better the lather the cleaner you get. The Vanilla Flame smells like vanilla mixed with flowers. The folks at gud say “Smell like an angel. (Not to be confused with acting like one.)”


Last but not least the Orange Petalooza….YUMMMM! This fragrance was hands down my absolute fave! I’m a huge citrus fan especially for my morning showers (I prefer lavender at night to wind down). It is the perfect mix of vibrant orange and soft hyacinth. The perfect wake me up!


I’ve gotta tell you I loved the Orange Petalooza so much that I headed on over to my local Ulta to purchase a few bottles of the Orange Petalooza body wash. I love citrusy scents especially in the morning. They are such a great energizer. Especially in the summer! Citrus scents are my go-to summer scent.


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