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  • Allergy Season Has Begun

    So it’s begun… allergy season. Both my husband and I have horrible allergies. He’s worse than me. Since we have moved we have noticed fewer allergies in the spring/summer. We thought maybe we were off the hook for the fall but alas it has begun. There are a number of ways to control your allergy […]

  • The Difference Between Colds vs. Allergies – CVS MinuteClinic #SneezeFreeSpring

      Achoo! Excuse me. Well it’s that time of year. The seasons are changing and there is a lot of sneezing, itchy eyes going on in our house. My husband and I both have horrible allergies. Mine are more seasonal. His are seasonal but he is also allergic to a number of other things. Which […]

  • It’s That Time Again, Time For Your Annual Flu Shot at CVS Minute Clinic

    Every year (usually in October) my husband and I get our annual flu vaccine at our local CVS Minute Clinic. We go there for a number of reasons. One being convenience, and another being that I’m at CVS at least once a week for something so why not grab my body wash, toothpaste and get […]

  • CoverGirl Party with Sofia Vergara & Nervo

    I was recently invited to attend a CoverGirl event to learn all about their amazing new products. I’ve been wearing CoverGirl since I started wearing makeup, so I was thrilled to be invited to this event. Not only was I going to have the opportunity to try a bunch of fab new products but I […]