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  • Blues Traveler Interview

    Blues Traveler Interview By: Katie DeVito (Self-Proclaimed Princeton Celebrity Journalist) Follow me on Twitter @kdevito and @PartyLiteNJ Here we go Tigers, Here we go! Clap! Clap! PrincetonScoop is stoked to be able to share their first ever celebrity interview with you. We were able to score an interview with Princeton’s own Tad Kinchla from the […]

  • "You Know You're From Princeton…"

    September 28, 2009 You Know You’re From Princeton… By: Katie DeVito (Follow me on Twitter @kdevito) Recently we polled our Twitter and Facebook friends on the following question… “You know you’re from Princeton…” Here’s What We Got: …when you know the better, less trafficked Thomas Sweets is in Palmer Square. …if you ever carved your […]